Painting an exterior retaining wall

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In my garden I have a long exterior retaining wall (holding back earth). It is currently a brownish finish. I’d like to paint it – but not in a block colour. I was thinking a sort of ‘wash’ / ‘chalky’ finish. Would a lime wash paint work for this? Any ideas? Thanks. Jenny

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Hi Jenny 

Lime wash or the St. Astier Lime Paint will work providing there are no existing coatings present on the wall and the render has no waterproof agents/additions. 

A lime based paint requires an absorbent background so it can soak into the wall/render and set. 

Either option will work, however the St. Astier Lime Paint should provide a more durable finish and comes in a range of 24 colours –

Any questions please give the office a call on 01208 79779.

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