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Hello, I have two questions.

Which paint do you recommend for a pizza oven, it has previously been painted though I don’t know the paint type.

Also I have a building with sandstone exterior lintels. Some have been painted previously (known what type) and are flaking, they are becoming porous and could do with protecting.

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Thank you for getting in touch.

Our Renosil paint is generally used on to pizza ovens, however, if the paint that is on there is unknown it is difficult to recommend a specific product.  For applications onto any oven, the paint is only as good as the surface it is applied to and some ovens have the tendency to crack, craze and pit due to thermal expansion. If this does occur there is a chance that the paint will be affected by this action.  If you did decide to try the Renosil typically you would need 1L of paint and 1kg of the Fixative primer.

With regard to your lintels this is more straightforward and you would just need to clean the existing paint and then use the Renosil paint.  Here is a guide to the system for your information:


Justine Changed status to publish June 16, 2020
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