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We are going to re-render the back of our house with lime render. Which Beeck undercoats/paints would be suitable for outside?

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Hi Anna 

For a new lime render we would recommend using the Beeckosil system. 

It offers the highest breathability and durability, as well as extremely good water repellency. 

With fresh render it is important to allow the lime to undertake an adequate cure. For NHL based renders we advise that the render is left unpainted for a period of 2 days per mm of render thickness. For a putty based render we would advise that it is left for a minimum of 6 months but ideally 12. 

If you are able to leave the render (NHL or Putty) for as long as reasonably possible, it will allow the render to cure and also reveal any shrinkage cracks or imperfections that may present themselves as the render settles and releases moisture. This can then be rectified by using the Beeckosil Coarse as a base coat to protect and mask any surface discrepancies, followed by a top coat of Beeckosil Fine. 

You would need to use both the Beeck Etching Fluid and Beeck Fixative beforehand as a cleaning solution and primer/stabaliser. 

If you would like to discuss the application in more details please call me on 01208 79779 and I can discuss your specific application.

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