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Hello, we have a cottage that is well over 100 years old. But over the years it’s had some extra extensions added into it. So a few years ago we took the render off the gabel end and repointed it using your product. We’re looking at doing the same for the front of the cottage now. So exposing the nice stone and repointing. But on the new bit it’s just your normal block house. Can you suggest a lime render maybe that we could use to blend it in with the exposed stone? We do also suffer with damp. And also another thing. The cottage inside was rerendered with cement to make it look like a cottage look. But it’s just crumbling off the wall in places. Would you recommend rerendering it with a lime? Could you do it straight over the cement or would we have to try and take it all off?? Thank you for your time. Many thanks

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Hi Emily, thanks for getting in touch.

A lime render could be used over the block and in theory you could use the same or a similar material for both pointing and render and it becomes an aesthetic issue more than anything, depending on the desired finish etc.
Yes the internal cement should really be removed, the material is only as good as the surface it is applied too, the cement is preventing the wall from breathing and this needs to be removed or as much as practically possible to get the full benefit of the lime.

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The above two links will take you to our website where you can find further information and it’s a good starting point in terms of reading and understanding the products that we can supply.
If you wanted to discuss in more detail please call us and we can arrange for you to pop in for a chat or we can discuss over the phone.  Our telephone number for your convenience is 01208 79779.  Kind regards, Justine

Justine Changed status to publish July 3, 2020
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