NHL 2 or Hot Lime

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Hi all, about to embark on plastering 2 rooms, substrate is sandstone and quite porous. Don’t know if it’s easier to use hotlime or NHL2 as binder, also what type of aggregate is best..can I just use basic sharp sand from any builders meechant?

Thanks for any advice.

Justine Changed status to publish March 22, 2021

Thanks for getting in touch.  We wouldn’t necessarily say that either one is easier but in terms of mixing then NHL2 is probably easier and safer.  The sand you use needs to be clean and washed.  Many builders merchants won’t stock suitable sands so it’s definitely worth checking first.  Selecting the correct sand is as important as picking the most appropriate binder.
Please let us know if we can be of further help.

Justine Changed status to publish March 22, 2021
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