limewashing when night time temperatures are near to freezing

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Please can you advise whether we can get away with continuing to apply limewash to exterior walls while we have a period of low night time temperatures – just above freezing, 1-4 degrees? what would be the outcome in the short, medium longer tierm? Will it flake off very soon after? We’re in a bit of a rush as we want to put the house on the market late spring

Justine Changed status to publish April 6, 2021

Thank you for getting in touch.  We recommend only painting one coat per day of lime wash and only when the temperatures are above 5 or 6 degrees.
Please see the following link to our lime wash guide:
If you need any further information or assistance please don’t hesitate to sontact us again.

Justine Changed status to publish April 6, 2021
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