My partner has a late 19th century mid terrace, 2 bedroom house in Illogan, Redruth.

The front (south-facing) wall is constructed of good quality granite and stone, cement pointed and  ”sealed”approx 5 years ago (before she moved there). Internally, damp has blown the plaster off, to approx chest height in the 1st floor bedrooms(dry above that), extending all the way down to the ground . We have removed it all,(pictures to follow hopefully) along with cement render used to patch areas in the past, to allow the wall to dry.

After reading much of your pages,I’m still unsure which pointing mortar to use between the stonework? We are still undecided on the eventual finish, which could be from your breathable plaster to a breathable plaster board…

As it is a small area, ease of use without mixing would be best for us to DIY.

Thanks in advance.

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