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Have removed the wallpaper in the bedrooms of an old stone/solid wall cottage, revealing old lime plaster, which is mostly in decent condition. There are however a few layers of paint (some flaking more than others) over the original limewash, patch jobs of gypsum/cement in a few spots and some large cracks. In terms of refinishing the walls, I was looking for some guidance on how best to approach this.

Currently, the plan is the following:

  • Remove worst of flaking paint/gypsum patches
  • Wash walls with sugar soap.
  • Fill cracks / holes (mostly from hangings, clay visible) with lime putty/filler.
  • Sand.
  • Apply Beeck Fixative then Insil or Maxol (alternatively Earthborn Ecopro/Claypaint).

Many thanks.

Justine Changed status to publish February 18, 2020

Thank you for your enquiry.  In all honestly your proposed approach is what we would generally advise. We would recommend using the Beeck Maxol/Maxil Pro as this is the best paint for covering multiple different backgrounds and can be coloured to over 240 shades.

Fixative can help stabilise the older lime plaster, but isn’t needed over any areas of gypsum plaster.  If you would like to discuss in further detail please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01208 79779.

Justine Changed status to publish February 18, 2020
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