I’m needing to remove concrete render from Welsh stone walls, and repoint using lime. The guides are very helpful. I do however have a couple of questions –

1. how much lime mortar can you mix at a time? Will it go off in the bucket, or given the slow drying time, is this something you don’t need to worry about?

2. When chiselling out the concrete and repointing, should this be done all at once, or in stages i.e chisel out an area of concrete, repoint, hang hessian and then chisel out the next area?

3. If you can chisel out the entire wall in one go, does you have to do the repointing all in one go? If not, what do you do with the wall during sessions? Just hang hessian over the bit you’ve done? Is there a particular technique you need to employ to join the pointing you did the day before  to the newer pointing?

Many thanks in advance for your advice!

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish August 24, 2022