Flaking and Cracked Lime Render

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My timber frame listed Farmhouse was re rendered with a lime render 2 years ago. It was re decorated with lime wash last spring. The render is flaking and cracking now we’ve had some cold and wet weather. Could you advise on the best products to use to make the render more durable?

Many thanks.


tom.jack Edited question January 13, 2021

Thanks for getting in touch.  Looking at the photographs that you’ve sent in we would suggest that the existing limewash would need to be cleaned back and ideally removed as it is compromised.Once cleaned back, the Beeck Renosil system can be applied. Rensoil is designed to chemically bond the render, offering the same vapour permeability as limewash but a greater durability than modern paints.

Here are some links to the system and also about mineral paints:

Renosil System Application

What Are Mineral Paints

Why Use Beeck Mineral Paint

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


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