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Good morning,

In search of advice and suitable products to help with repainting the exterior. The exterior of my property, built in 2007 has a lime based render (tested with a little acid and a few small render chippings – bubbles), unfortunately it has been previously painted with sandex masonary paint which is now peeling extensively. Any advice on how to strip off the remaining paint? Would a lower pressure domestic pressure washer work? and what paint would you recommend, similar colour to plymouth grey. Although planning to undertake this myself, if you have a recommendation for a painter, that would also be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Kind regards

Andy Miller

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish November 5, 2021

Hi Andy

Thanks for getting in touch.  If you’re able to send us some photos it would be really helpful.  We have a paint removal system called Scheidel which is on our website – you might look through the information on this also.  Please email your images through to justine@cornishlime.co.uk and we can look at them for you.

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish November 5, 2021
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