Damp walls

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We have purchased a stone built terraced cottage which has been badly neglected for years. All walls have been completely dry lined internally

We have stripped off most of the dry lining to expose the stone but much of it is damp.  We want to lime mortar it but presumably we need to let it thoroughly dry out before doing so? We are installing central heating so this should help with the drying process

Is there anything we should know/think about other than letting it dry.  I have zero experience of lime mortar!

Justine Changed status to publish February 17, 2021

Thank you for your enquiry.  Yes, letting your property dry out is the first step and then you can consider the type of render that you would like to apply.  We would recommend that you look at out Insulating Render as it is a Render, Insulation and Dehumidifier all in one. It’s a lightweight render which offers low strength, high flexibility, high vapour permeability and advanced thermal performance.  Insulating Render has been specifically designed to reduce heat loss in solid walls and older buildings. and gives significantly improved insulation and moisture management, as well as much faster application times compared to conventional lime renders.  If you have any images of your project please forward them to us and we can take a look for you.

Justine Changed status to publish February 17, 2021
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