Cornerstone Insulating Render

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Hello all,

I’m having difficulty finding a plasterer to do my old solid walled property in anything other then gypsum or dot and dab.

I’m trying to come up with a specification such that it would be similar to what your typical plasterer would normally deal with. i.e. mixing it up in a bucket with water whilst making sure the wall can breath.Li

I’m thinking cornerstone insulating lime render on bare internal red brick wall 20mm thick with a fnishing coat of the adaptavate breathaplaster.

With the cornerstone insulating render, it mentiones its lightweight. How are radiators hung on walls with the render?

Is the adaptavate stuff ok to go over the insulating render?

Many Thanks


Cornish Lime Changed status to publish July 4, 2022

Thanks for your enquiry.  Anything fixed to the wall requires the fixings to back into the brick (as is the case for any lime render/plaster).

The Insulating Render could be applied as a heavy base coat (conventional plasterers can treat it like carlite bonding) and the breathaplasta, which is fine over the top,  could be applied the following day, Breathaplasta can be treated like conventional multifinish.    Please let us know if we can be of further help.

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish June 28, 2022
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