Coarse or Fine Beeckosil

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Despite reading your website, I am not sure whether I should be purchasing Coarse or Fine Beeck Beeckosil Mineral Paint?

Also how much paint would I require for 150sqm?

Is the 20kg paint in powder form which needs to be mixed with water?.


Justine Changed status to publish February 22, 2021

Thanks for getting in touch.  Beeckosil Coarse is used as a base coat of paint where there are surface imperfections or hairline cracks.  You would then go over this with Beeckosil Fine as your topcoat.  If your background doesn’t need the Beeckosil Coarse you would use two coats of the Beeckosil Fine instead.  The 20kg Beeckosil Coarse is a liquid which contains some fine dust to help with the cracks etc.  It is the equivalent of 12.5L.  Please see the following link to the application guide on our website:

Beeckosil System Application

If you wanted to give us a call on 01208 79779 with a little more information about the background you’re painting on to we can put together a tailored quotation for you.

Justine Changed status to publish February 22, 2021
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