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Hi we have a solid brick wall property and have previously used your insulating render and CLM66 to re-coat bare internal walls.  We are about to start a room where we would like to bring the wall line further into the room, partially to cover an awkward step and to allow pipes and cables to be hidden.  We were planning to remove the existing plaster as it has been patched with various products over time.
We were then considering using the wood wool carrier boards on timber battens to build out and then re plaster.  Would there be any issue in doing this?

What mortar materials are best to use, is the CLM28 appropriate if so what thickness and coverage of the product and assume a CLM66 on top?

Is there anything else we should consider?

many thanks

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Thanks for getting in touch.

This would be the only way we would generally recommend if you need to build out.  Celenit maintains vapour permeability, so won’t hold or trap moisture. It will also significantly improve the insulation, without over insulating or risk of interstitial condensation.
We would usually advise Insulating Render as the backing coat, applied around 10mm (or greater if you want more depth), its the easiest and quickest to apply and further improves the thermal performance. Then top with CLM66 which is our lime putty plaster.
Please let us know if we can be of further help.

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Thanks for your reply.
Would you need to include mesh if using the insulating render?

No, mesh wouldn’t be necessary.

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