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Hi There,

Can you supply a bulk delivery of 20mm granite chippings to a plymouth address? We are looking for circa 14 tonne (we can accomodate a 6 or 8 wheeler). If so can you send us a quote and if possible a picture of the stone currently available as we are trying to get a match to our existing drive way granite stone, delivery would be required mid next week.

Thanks Peter

Justine Changed status to publish May 4, 2021

Hi Peter, thank you for getting in touch.
Would you please be able to supply us with a postcode so that we can get an accurate quotation for you?  We currently have two types of 20mm granite but if you’re able to let us know the colour you’re trying to match we can see what is currently available.  If you wanted to email directly please contact justine@cornishlime.co.uk
Many thanks

Justine Changed status to publish May 4, 2021
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