Hi, I’ve recently started renovating a solidwalled cottage (built c 1850). I’ve removed the gypsum plaster and bonding that was on the walls when I got the keys and stripped back the walls to bare masonry (the walls are quite wet underneath, presumably because the gypsum plaster was preventing the wall from breathing).  I’m looking to replace the wall finish with lime, but I’m unsure on the best way of doing this?  I’d like to insulate the walls as it is very cold inside the house at the moment, but the house is also tiny and so I am keen on keeping the depth of the wall build up to a minimum (thereby ruling out any crazy 100mm deep insulation boards).  Please could you advise on the type and depth of wall build up most suited to my situation?  I’ve seen your insulated lime render and other products, but not quite sure which is the best way to go!

Many thanks.

Justine Changed status to publish January 29, 2024