Hi Guys,

I live in a period property and want to repaint the plinth / lower brickwork below the render at the base of my property. After doing some research, I am led to believe that Beeck silicate paint would be the right solution to allow the masonry to breathe. However, I would appreciate your expert advice on this. Currently there is a black, presumably bitumenistic paint (that has weathered significantly), and some damp issues, I expect partly related to the poor breathability of the bitumen (but for other reasons also).

Really, I want to know:

1. Is beeck paint appropriate?

2. Which product(s) should I need for my work?

3. I believe there are instructions on preparing the brickwork, but any additional advice on preparation for the appropriate product would be appreciated (e.g. is there any benefit in painting below ground level?)

Justine Changed status to publish May 20, 2021