Basement dilemmas

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I’ll try and keep to point as much as possible.

I have a basement (comprised of a granite/slate stone mix) that was riddled in dry rot. Rotted out stud work, joists in the upstairs floors etc. Caused by the walls been covered in various tanking, sand/cement renders. Blocked fireplace. Leaking shower. The list goes on. Only 1 of the walls is technically under ground. Let’s call this the north wall. East/west walls are third party walls. The south wall houses the back door leading to the rear yard. Now I’ve removed all the issues, reopened the fireplace and about bag rub the walls in lime 5:2 ratio (CLS30 and NHL3.5) so they can breathe forevermore! The issue is.. the basement will be home to the kitchen and bathroom. The walls need to be studded off to house various services (it will have a natural gap from the stone wall as the it’s not plumb and the stud will be), do I make the stud walls completely airtight with vapour barrier. (They would be vented to some extent through the reopened fireplace..but that’s an “out” with no “in” and no real cross ventilation)… or do I build the stud walls with vents everywhere and install humidity extractor in the main room venting out the south wall? Thus drawing the air through the chimney stack and through the vents in the stud wall.


Jason Asked question February 2, 2021

Thanks for getting in touch.We would go with the vented stud option, however we are unable to offer specific advice on this type of work as there will be unique factors depending on the building and its location (i.e. space allowed for cavity, moisture content of the wall etc.).
If you wanted to discuss in further detail please get in touch.  It’s always helpful if you can send images also.

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