Badly Coated stone Wall

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I am renovating my kitchen part of which was an old stone wall. The paint is trapping water there is also a cement wash and bitumen!

The stone is in a poor state when I have removed the various layers. I think when this is completed it will need rendering. What render should I use? Inside wall is plastered and no gutter which I am trying to fix but difficult because building shape.In a sheltered position.

Justine Changed status to publish July 1, 2021

hanks for contacting us.  With this one it’s difficult to say as you may need to allow for repointing as well as re-rendering as it could be a cement mortar.

In regards to appropriate material, if looking for a premixed product we would recommend using Cornerstone CLD30 NHL2 (link to product) for the base coat/s and CLD35 NHL2 for the finish coat (link to product). Alterantively if looking to site mix, CLS28 with NHL2 for the base coat/s and CLS35 with NHL2 for the finish coat.\

If we can be of further help please don’t hesitate to contact us again.


Justine Changed status to publish July 1, 2021
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