Applying CL66 over Plasterboard

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We are using CL66 over a wall which is mixed construction with a block wall around a fireplace which has a base/Scratch coat of Lime mortar.. but the rest of the wall is a false wall frame covered with plasterboard.

Can you recommend the best process to apply CL66 on the plasterboard, and the best method/Timings  to achieve a smooth finish on the finished surface.

(also not clear if there is a need to add water to CL66 – do you have any guide /instructions for using this)


Cornish Lime Changed status to publish February 18, 2022

Thanks for getting in touch.  Setting times will vary depending on the suction of the background.  CLM66 doesn’t have a chemical set like modern plasters and it will likely set faster over the blue grit.  To try and control this variation you can keep it damp by spraying water.
We would suggest applying as you would a modern plaster with two thin passes and water can be added if you need to change the consistency to make it easier to apply.  Please let us know if you needed anything further.

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish February 18, 2022
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