Applying Beeck onto Thoroseal?

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I have cement block basement walls to which Thoroseal, a cement based product has been applied. I wish to freshen walls with paint. The Thoroseal company advises that I need a paint with breath ability. I have had no success finding this kind of paint. Most paint stores direct me to low VOCs. I looked at the Beleek mineral paints but it appears that it prefers to be used on virgin cinder block. Since you obviously know what I am dealing with,could you suggest a paint I can use?
I thank you for any help you can give.

Adam Brown Answered question July 9, 2018

Dear Trish

In regards to your question, the Beeck paints for internal use can be applied onto this background when a suitable primer is used. i would advise that one coat of Beeck Gypsum Primer is applied, then followed by two coats of either Beeck Insil or Beeck Maxil.

When we have had these types of wall build up in the past, we have supplied lime plaster to go over the tanking solution. The reason for this is that if the tanking was to sweat for any reason, the lime plaster will allow this moisture to escape and leave you with a flat surface. If you are interested in applying a lime plaster, i would recommend using the CLM66. This could then be painted with one coat of Beeck Fixative used as a primer and then two coats of either Beeck Insil or Beeck Maxil.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01208 79779.

Kind Regards

Adam Brown

Adam Brown Answered question July 9, 2018
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