200 year old stone garden wall

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Hi, I have a smallish area of old garden wall to repoint. It has been attacked over years with ivy & small trees which I’ve removed. I need to relay the top row & repoint the rest. It’s about 7 feet high on our side but drops 20 feet or so on neighbours side. I don’t want it falling on their heads! What’s the best product to use please?

Justine Changed status to publish October 4, 2021

Thanks for getting in touch.  We have a couple of options for – we supply a dry ready mixed mortar that you can just add water to.  This product can be found on our website here: https://cornishlime.co.uk/products/lime-mortars/cornerstone-drymix/
Alternatively you can buy the sand and hydraulic lime and mix on site yourself.  If you wanted to give us a little more information about the condition of the stone and your location we would be able to advise which strength of lime would be most appropriate for you.
Please feel free to email us with images or call us with further detail on 01208 79779.

Justine Changed status to publish October 4, 2021
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