Painted Cottage

The cottage was painted with the full Beeckosil system, starting with Beeck Fixative which helps create a chemical bond between the paint and substrate. A basecoat of Beecksoil Coarse was used for covering hairline cracks, followed by a topcoat of Beeckosil Fine. The paint was colour matched to an existing paint colour the customer had chosen.

“Having just completed the lengthy task of painting our Cottage with the full  Beeckosil system. I must say we are absolutely delighted with the finished job and all passers by comment most favourably. 

You expertly colour matched the paint to ‘green earth’ which blends in perfectly with our rural surroundings.”

Project Date: July 2021

Products Used:

  • Beeck Fixative

    Primer and consolidator for mineral surfaces prior to applying Beeck silicate paints. Fixative...

  • Beeck Beeckosil

    Highly Durable ASF External Paint. Industrial grade with Active Silicification Formula (ASF) f...

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