Tackling Moisture in a Grade II Listed Cottage

The old cottage located in Crigglestone, Wakefield a grade 2 listed building, the first Part of this building dates back to the early 16th century originally 1 dwelling with later additions in the 17th and 18th century. 

The building was suffering due to trapped moisture caused by the previous cement pointing, masonry had decayed, ridges were loose and some masonry needed bedding in places.

We removed all of the non-porous mortar using hand tools for chiselling and an raking out the masonry joints, this causes the least damage to the masonry and must be undertaken by skilled craftsmen.

Once all the cement mortar had been removed, we then replaced it by matching the original air lime mortar using the same materials and methods of applying the mortar.

We used granular quicklime from Cornish lime, river sand from York and wood ash for the pozzolan this was from the houses own log burner, we slaked the lime and applied the mortar hot we then left it overnight and beat and dressed it back the next day.

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