Lametton Mill

Lametton Mill is a Grade II Listed building in Cornwall.  The building dates back to the early 1600’s when it was used as a Manorial Corn Mill.  During the years that followed the size of the building increased, and from the late 19th Century it was adapted so it could be used for the production of animal feed.  This continued until 1966 when the milling ceased and the Mill was closed down.


To enable the conversion of this Grade II Listed former Mill into a residential dwelling numerous works had to be undertaken, some of which were Structural Repairs, Stone Rebuilds, Lintel Replacements, Slate Sill Installation and Non-breathable Paint Removal.

Solutions and Materials

As well as addressing the above-mentioned issues, the following works were also carried out:

Lime Pointing (both external and internal) – To maintain the breathability of the building the existing non-breathable cement-based was carefully removed from the joints of the stonework.  This was followed by the introduction of an appropriate Lime mortar pointing application.

Lime Rendering (internal) – To improve the thermal performance of the solid walled masonry, the existing plaster applications were carefully removed and an Insulating Lime plaster application was introduced.

The materials used for the Lime pointing were NHL 3.5 and CLS 70.

The materials used for the Insulating Lime plaster were Cornerstone Insulation Render which was subsequently painted with Beeck Maxil Pro breathable paint.

Leslie Cornell Building Restoration were the contractors for this project who worked closely with the homeowners.

This property was recently featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs – you can view the episode here:

Project Gallery

Products Used:

  • Cornerstone Insulating Render

    Cornerstone Insulating Render

    Render, Insulation and Dehumidifier all in one. Lightweight render which offers low strength, ...

  • Beeck Maxil Pro

    Premium Internal Paint. Easy application with the highest vapour permeability, scrub resistanc...

  • Coarse Sands

    The best selection of coarse (5mm down) sands, chosen for their grades, colours and mineralogy...

  • St. Astier NHL

    St. Astier’s range of pure natural hydraulic limes. NHLs will set and can be used in dam...

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