Chycarne Farm

Chycarne farm's freshly rendered window corner

Chycarne Farm, Troon
Camborne, Cornwall

Chycarne is an old farmhouse nestled in the hillsides around the historic granites of Chapel Carne Brea. Although the property cannot be dated accurately, records show some of the outbuildings on the land date back 800 years.

The building was damp, as previous Portland cement pointing and rendering had prevented the building from breathing.

The inside of the property was completely stripped back. All of the cement render was removed, exposing beautiful granite masonry work, and the joints were raked out. Once sufficiently hydrated, we used CLS28 sand and Otterbein NHL2 lime to fill the deep joints and flatten out. Cornerstone Insulating Render was then applied to a depth of 40mm. We chose insulated lime due to its ability to deal with salt migration; the poultice mechanic is fantastic for this. Finally, all walls were finished with Cornish Lime’s Fine Putty Plaster (CLM66).

Sarah Superland
Superland Studio

Ben Banfield

Products Used:

  • Cornerstone Insulating Render

    Cornerstone Insulating Render

    Render, Insulation and Dehumidifier all in one. Lightweight render which offers low strength, ...

  • Otterbein Natural Hydraulic Lime

    Otterbein NHL

    Natural Hydraulic Lime binders for mortars, renders and plasters. Available in three strengths...

  • Cornish Lime Fine Putty Mortar Bag

    Fine Putty Mortars

    Natural lime mortars with fine sands for pointing, fine renders and plastering.

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