Chycarne Farm

Chycarne farm's freshly rendered window corner

Chycarne is an old farmhouse nestled in the hillsides around the historic granites of Chapel Carne Brea. With the property suffering from damp, they needed a new approach to moisture management.

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Old Cottage

The Old Cottage GII listed

The old cottage located in Crigglestone, Wakefield a grade 2 listed building, the first Part of this building dates back to the early 16th century originally 1 dwelling with later additions in the ...

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Bramble Cottage

Bramble Cottage is a predominantly 18th Century Grade II listed part cob and stone property in the picturesque village of St Agnes, Cornwall. This historic cottage is reportedly one of the oldest i...

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Painted Cottage

The cottage was painted with the full Beeckosil system, starting with Beeck Fixative which helps create a chemical bond between the paint and substrate. A basecoat of Beecksoil Coarse was used ...

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Portloe Cottage

Portloe Cottages - Far View

The Cottage is in an area of outstanding natural beauty overlooking the Slipway for the local fishermen.

The cottage has been suffering from dampness on the inner walls from the seawa...

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St. Austell Bag Rub

St Austell Bag Rub - After

The cement render was removed as property was trapping damp, and then all the patched in bricks where the chimney had been repaired over the years were removed and new granite reinstated.


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Lametton Mill

Lametton Mill is a Grade II Listed building in Cornwall.  The building dates back to the early 1600’s when it was used as a Manorial Corn Mill.  During the years that followed the siz...

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South Wales Plaster Work

The property in a gothic revival 4 story mansion designed by Alfred and Benjamin Bucknell who were well known for the area at the time, the building dates back to 1870 and based on style of fam...

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Duporth Lodge

About the Property

During the late 18th century, whilst Charles Rashliegh was in the process of constructing Charlestown Harbour, he also built Duporth Manor. The manor was constructed with ...

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Georgian Coach House

A Georgian Coach House in mid Cornwall at the rear of a grand terrace. This building would have been for horses to sleep in and for the storage of hay from the fields above. In recent years it ...

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Qasr Al Hosn

Qasr Al Hosn, situated within Abu Dhabi was originally built as a coastal bastion in the 1760s to defend its fresh water well and trade routes. It was also the first permanent building within t...

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