Beginner Guides

Breathable Paints Explained

Portloe Chapel painted with Beeck Mineral Paint
Dive into the science behind breathable paint and discover how it can benefit historic solid-walled, and contemporary buildings.
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Curing Lime Renders & Mortars

Hessian sheeting around a building used to protect a lime render
Find out more about curing lime renders & mortars, including why curing & protection is important & how to avoid common issues which can arise.
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Lime in Building

Engine House By Sea - Exposed Location
Gain insights into lime's rich history, classifications, numerous benefits, and versatility in building conservation and restoration projects.
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An Introduction to Decorating Old Buildings

Outside view of Brims House
Are you looking to paint an older house? Find out more about what to consider, the types of paint available and how to avoid common issues.
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