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Lime Mortar for use in Today’s Restoration and New Build Projects

The use of natural lime mortars and renders has increased considerably in recent years compared to just a couple of decades ago. These simple, basic materials are fundamentally important to the long term survival of historic buildings and are a sustainable alternative which can be used in contemporary buildings.

Why use Natural Lime Mortar

The use of natural lime mortars and renders has increased considerably in recent years compared to just a couple of decades ago. These simple, basic materials are fundamentally important to the long term survival of historic buildings, yet there are many who still regard their use with suspicion. Natural Lime Mortars are the only viable way to repair and restore much of the great architectural heritage of this country.

Invariably, our Historic Buildings, Monuments and Structures will have been constructed with the Natural Lime ‘Products of the Era’. Attempts to repair these national treasures with modern ‘Cement’ instead of a compatible Natural Lime Mortar, will frequently produce a worse result than no repair at all. These ‘Bodged Repairs’ then have to be reworked first to undo the damage inflicted by the alien chemical nature of modern cements before they can be repaired using the Natural Lime Mortar and Render that should have been used in the first place.

If you are involved in a repair or restoration project at the early planning stage you would be well advised to contact ‘Cornish Lime’ for advice on the appropriate Mortars and Renders for the repairs being undertaken. You may also like to attend one of our regular Lime Training sessions, a one day practical and theory course covering such topics as pointing, rendering, bag rubbing and plastering.

We have an extensive portfolio of prestigious projects where our expertise, advice and Natural Lime Mortar has formed the basis for extensive repairs and restoration including The National Trust and English Heritage. You may wish to view our information on Lime Putty and Coloured Mortars.

The Use of Natural Lime Mortar

Selecting the right Lime Mortar for your particular application can appear very daunting. That is where ‘Cornish Lime’ become not only a supplier, but a source of knowledge gained over decades of successful restoration projects using the same Natural Lime Mortars that they themselves manufacture today.

In addition to the freely given advice and comprehensive literature packs available, Cornish Lime also run regular, informative training sessions on the use of Lime Mortars, Renders and Plasters including the versatility of their own Mature Natural Lime Putty.

One example of our Training is the course entitled: “Introduction To And Working With Lime” which consists of the following content:

  • Selecting the right materials
  • Compatibility and interaction of Lime Mortars, Renders and Plasters with other materials
  • Surface preparation and suitable or necessary base coats etc
  • Mixing the Lime Mortar, Render or Plaster
  • Useable life span of Limes after mixing
  • Curing times and protection during the curing stages
  • Adequate Q & A session time for you to explore your specific thirst for knowledge
  • Comprehensive handouts to keep for your own reference
  • Building with Lime Practical ‘Hands On’ session using the appropriate materials
  • Pointing, Rendering and Plastering with Lime
  • Sands and aggregates, the role they perform and their suitability
  • Decoration

Please Contact Us to find about more about our lime training and for availability on the next course.

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4 thoughts on “Lime Mortar for use in Today’s Restoration and New Build Projects

  1. We are having some restoration / repointing done inside and the guys say that you have a selection of different coloured mixes but I cannot find them. Can you tell me where on your site I can find the stock shades available so we can try and match it to the existing. Thanks.

    1. Dear Graham

      The following links will show images of the available coloured ready mix lime products that we have –

      Coarse Mortar

      Fine Mortar

      The images will give you an indication on the colours, however we do have a wider selection available.

      All of the samples can be viewed at our offices, alternatively if you would like to contact us on 01208 79779 we can discuss your requirements and possibly get some sample tablets sent out.

      Kind Regards

      Adam Brown

  2. We are having issue with damp and water entering the cavity of our south facing gable end wall. I believe it’s of Tavistock Cut stone and natural stone construction as a facade wall creating a cavity with an inside block constructed wall. I have filled some of the holes that have been found in the pointing and I have done this with clear Silicone sealer. I have also checked the roof and found two slipped tiles that were obviously letting water into the cavity. The felt beneath is diminished but the tiles have been relocated as the Batten is still good. It has been suggested by a colleague that I ask Cornish Lime to see what would be recommended as a proportionate measure to take for what is essentially a lower end of the market property. I have a two lift scaffolding up at the moment so am looking at sorting everything before it’s removed.

    1. Thank you for getting in touch. From your description it sounds like the roof is the major cause of your problem and you are taking action to rectify this. Once the roof is repaired we would suggest waiting to see if this solves your issue. You may find that once the water ingress has stopped that the walls dry out – this can take some time particularly in damper, colder weather but at this stage wouldn’t recommend any further action.

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