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The Cornerstone Render System – For Contemporary and New Build Construction

The Cornerstone Render System is designed for the renovation of cavity wall construction or complete new builds. Based on a formulation of Natural Hydraulic Lime, Cement, Sand and Working Aids, this system offer a low carbon finish for both internal and external applications.

Celenit woodwool fibre board in newbuild

The Cornerstone Render System can be applied direct to brick and block work or installed to timber frame using the Cornerstone Render Panels.

Performance Characteristics

  • The Cornerstone Render System is vapour open, allowing moisture to escape through the construction and not become trapped.
  • The Cornerstone Render System offers natural sound absorbency.
  • The Cornerstone Render System does not give rise to staining or effloresance.
  • The Cornerstone Render Panels are completely waterproof, frost resistant and damp proof, making this system appropriate for use in even the most severe conditions.
  • The Cornerstone Render System resists biological degradation by hindering the development of mould, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • The Cornerstone Render System is Fire-Resistant, in the event of a fire, the render board inhibits the spread of flame; under Swiss regulations the boards are classified as practically incombustible.
  • The Cornerstone Render Panels are environmentally friendly, made from natural components with no pollution at the production, installation and disposal stage.
  • The Cornerstone New Build Render is environmentally friendly, made from a blend of natural hydraulic lime, specialist cements and working aids, it has a much lower embodied energy than conventional render systems and will absorb CO2 as the render sets.
  • One Tonne of Cornerstone Render can reabsorb up to 30kg of Carbon Dioxide. This is the equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by a single young tree over roughly three years.
  • Lime is burnt at a much lower temperature than cement, reducing the embodied carbon further.
  • The Cornerstone Render does not contain high levels of silicones, acrylics and other harmful additives.  
  • The Cornerstone Render System will accumulate heat and regulate humidity.
  • The Cornerstone Render System is easy to use and install, reducing the number of trades required on site and reducing the overall costs, especially when compared to more traditional systems.

The cellular structure of the Cornerstone Render Panel provides a light and elastic boards, whilst creating the perfect substrate for rendering. This system offers a greater reliability and a cost effective option when compared to conventional systems such as metal lath.

The system is suitable for both internal use with a 15mm render board and external use with a 25mm render board.

The Cornerstone New Build Render is available in both coarse and fine coats, with the colour of the render derived from natural sands, selected to give the highest quality workability and finish. The blend of limes, cements and working aids provides an extremely flexible, workable and low carbon finish.

We do advise that if the system is used for external application, especially in exposed locations, that Beeck Mineral Paint is applied as a top coat to offer a more durable, long lasting, water repellant and coloured finish.

If you have any questions regarding the Cornerstone Render System and how it could be suited to your application or need any further technical information, please contact the Cornish Lime Company on 01208 79779 or alternatively email –

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2 thoughts on “The Cornerstone Render System – For Contemporary and New Build Construction

  1. Does this system improve the thermal performance of a 9 inch brick wall?

    1. Hi Richard

      The render is not designed as an insulating product, it is more of a replacement for standard sand and cement and pre-mixed renders.

      Kind Regards


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