About Cornerstone Mortars

Cornerstone is our brand new range of dry, ready mixed natural hydraulic lime mortars, renders and related products. Cornerstone is a whole new approach to our materials, in how they are both manufactured and supplied.

These mortars are the accumulation of everything we have learnt and developed over the past 25 years of working with, manufacturing and supplying lime based materials.

The Cornerstone range offers a wide variety of dry mixed materials for conservation and restoration work, as well as a range of low carbon new build mortars.

Why Cornerstone?

Dry mixed products are common place within the construction industry, with the Mortar Industry Association (MIA) estimating that over 80% of construction mortar used in the UK comes from factory produced sources.

There are several brands that are producing dry mixed lime mortars, however they do not stand up against Cornerstone. The majority of these products are limited to a single or small selection of dried stock sand, which is sourced externally and cannot be tailored to specific uses.

Cornerstone mortars are made exclusively from our own broad range of sands, which have been selected for specific properties and uses. Any sand that is used within a Cornerstone mortar is dried in our purpose built drying facility and factory and to our own stringent design standards. This allows us to select specific sands that are tailored to suit the customer’s needs, from performance through to colour, as well as giving us full control over the production process.

We have known for many years that the key secret to a good mortar is contained within the sand used and this is the primary reason we have always retained a wide selection of sands, with more than 1000 tonne held in stock for immediate availability.

The second secret creating a high performance mortar is the quality of the binder. For this reason, our dry mixed mortars will only ever contain binders from St. Astier and Vicat, two of Europe’s most respected and technologically advanced producers of natural hydraulic lime and natural cements.

The combination of these two elements, with the addition of carefully selected and tested working additives, results in a range of mortars that are suitable for almost every application and specific user requirements, from workability through to colour matching.

With an in house team that has expertise within the construction industry ranging from experienced contractors, industrial chemists, building surveyors and engineers, we can supply materials and offer support for virtually any element within a construction project.


Cornerstone Factory

All Cornerstone products are manufactured at our purpose built 5000 tonne per annum facility. This allows us full end-to-end control of the process, from selection of materials used, to quality control and application of our own proprietary recipes.

Precise, automated control of our drying plant enable us to take what is already a quality sand and transform it to a precisely graded kiln dried sand. This enables us to control the fines content, breakdown and dispersion of any inclusions and removal of any oversized particles.

The selected sands and binders are then batch processed, with mix ratios controlled to within 0.1% by weight. Selected working aids are then added, controlled to within 1 part per million, to achieve a guaranteed batch consistency and a full range of products with exact properties tailored for specific application.

All Cornerstone products are CE compliant, and are also ISO9001:2015 accredited for design, manufacture and supply – very few companies in any sector worldwide have achieved this standard thus far.

The Cornerstone Difference

Lab and assistant.

So far we have taken 25 years’ worth of knowledge and experience and put it in a bag, we do not intend to stop there. Our onsite lab and testing facilities function as a testing and development centre for our existing products and the creation of new materials.

Through CE marking, ISO accreditation, European Standards and our own stringent in house standards we ensure that any material that carries the Cornerstone name is of the highest quality.

We have created a range of mortars that are available from stock or can be produced in a short period of time. We pride ourselves on being solution providers: we prefer to be given a problem and supply a material to address this, rather than a one bag suits all approach. The rise in the use of dry mixed mortars is reflection of insistence from specifiers and contractors for quality materials.

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By using Cornerstone, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are specifying and using a high performance mortar, that is designed for the exact strength, mix ratio, workability and colour for every individual application.

Most Popular Cornerstone Products

The information provided by Cornish Lime is for informational purposes only and does not amount to a specification. Every project is unique, so please consult a professional before undertaking a project. Use of this site and reliance on any information on the site is solely at your own risk.

6 thoughts on “About Cornerstone Mortars”

  1. Hi
    Have exposed a stone wall in our property in Newquay, taking off the old render and plaster. Micro DIY suggested yourselves as the best place to buy the lime mortar to repoint it as we wish to leave it exposed. I can send a photo if that helps – can I buy a ready mix locally?

    • Hi Adrian

      We have a shop/showroom at our offices in Bodmin, which is open to trade and public, and we have samples of the various mortar finishes and colours that we hold in stock.

      Some of these materials are available in premixed form as both wet and dry materials and we hold all of the sands and lime as separate components in stock. The materials can be collected from us or we can arrange for delivery.

      If you have any questions please contact us on 01208 79779 and we can discuss your application in more detail.

  2. Hi Adam
    Thanks for your reply
    I think a ready mixed one would be easiest and enough to point a stone wall of approx 8 m2
    How much would that take ad how much is delivery to Newquay?

    • Pointing is very difficult to calculate, due to its random nature, although we would usually say around 1 bag per m2 as a guesstimate.

      Delivery can be made one of two ways – we can send it on a pallet carrier, which to Newquay has a cost of £32.50 (plus VAT) and this can be delivered the following day if the material is ordered before 12.00pm, or if we have a delivery on our truck going into that area we can do a reduced delivery charge, which is usually less than the pallet charge.

    • There is no colour chart on our website, as the colour will appear different in real life, plus the way the material is finished will have an impact on the colour.

      In the ready mixed options we only keep one colour as a stock item and it will be similar too CLM28.

      If you are looking to achieve a different colour, it would probably be best to come to our shop to see the available colours and you could collect the material at the same time?


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