Working with Lime requires more knowledge and understanding than other elements in the building trade. That’s why our team, with decades of experience of working with and manufacturing lime, have put together a series of articles to help beginners and experts alike to understand more about working with lime.

What is a Period Property? Definition, Architecture & Examples

A period property with flowers.
What defines a period property? We explore the definition, key cultural periods and architectural features that continue to capture our attention.
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The A to Z of Lime: A Glossary of Lime Terminology

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting started, this handy glossary can help you navigate the labyrinth of lime-related terminology.
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Historic Use of Lime in 10 Traditional Buildings & Landmarks

Qasr Al Hosn External Facade
Discover the historic use of lime in ten remarkable buildings and landmarks, from the limestone blocks of Greece to the mortars of New Orleans.
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Tips for Working With Lime in the Summer

Misting lime render with hessian
Working in temperatures over 20°C can make working with lime challenging. Learn our top tips for tackling any challenges with summer work.
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Lime vs. Cement Mortars & How to Tell the Difference

A mixed lime mortar
Lime or cement mortar? Learn the distinctions between these construction materials and a few identifying markers for each.
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Tips for Winter Working with Lime

Man working with a mixer
Working with lime in the winter? Learn more about preparation, the risk of frost damage, how to protect your fresh lime mortar and more.
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A Guide to Cleaning Rendered Walls, Stone Masonry & Brickwork

Black staining on a stone wall
Need to clean stone masonry, render or brick? Find out more about cleaning methods to consider, things to avoid & tips to get successful results.
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Insulating Older Buildings

An older building that has been insulated
Learn the ins and outs of enhancing insulation in solid-walled buildings and things to consider for better moisture management and thermal comfort.
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Why Use Beeck Mineral Paint

Portreath Huers Hut painted with Beeck Mineral Paints
Explore the benefits of Beeck Mineral Paint and why it's a top choice for solid-walled buildings requiring breathability, durability and a stunning finish.
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Hot Mixed Mortars

Hot mixed mortar on a trowel.
Hot mix? Hot lime? We break down the terminology, look at the materials and consider the advantages and limitations of this mortar.
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What Are Mineral Paints

Several colours of mineral paint mixed together.
Learn what distinguishes mineral paints from conventional alternatives and why they are a top choice for a breathable, sustainable, durable finish.
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Lime for Contemporary Construction

Outside view of Cordyline Croft
Discover the versatility and benefits of lime in contemporary construction, including how it can enhance moisture management and thermal performance.
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About Cornerstone Mortars

Cornerstone performance bags and a stone wall
Find out more about the launch of Cornerstone and what sets this diverse range of mortars, renders, and plasters apart from the rest.
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Breathable Paints Explained

Portloe Chapel painted with Beeck Mineral Paint
Dive into the science behind breathable paint and discover how it can benefit historic solid-walled, and contemporary buildings.
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Lime in Building

Engine House By Sea - Exposed Location
Gain insights into lime's rich history, classifications, numerous benefits, and versatility in building conservation and restoration projects.
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An Introduction to Decorating Old Buildings

Outside view of Brims House
Are you looking to paint an older house? Find out more about what to consider, the types of paint available and how to avoid common issues.
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Paint Stripping 101: How To Strip Paint

Damaged Wall
Need to remove stubborn paint? We've compiled a quick guide on techniques and tools for effective paint stripping and what to avoid.
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The Health Impact of Common Paints

Paint tray with roller.
Find out more about common paint's health and environmental impacts and what to look out for when considering what to use for your project.
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Lime Mortar for use in Today’s Restoration and New Build Projects

An outside view of lime mortar used for the Princess Pavillion
Find out more about lime mortars for restoration and new build projects and how they can play a role in the long-term survival of buildings.
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Rapid Setting ‘Prompt Natural Cement’

Vicat Prompt and Tempo on harbour wall
Find out more about Prompt Natural Cement, including where it originates, what it's made from, and its vast array of applications.
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Natural Lime Putty for Restoration and New Build Projects

Mature lime putty in a tub
Learn more about lime putty, a key material in building conservation and how it can be used in the care and repair of historic buildings.
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