Application Guides

We have created these application guides to give you general guidance and good practice when working with Lime and related materials.

CELENIT L3AB/A2 Insulation Board Application Guide

Celenit render carrier board
Learn how to install CELENIT L3AB/A2 Insulation Boards with this handy step-by-step guide, including tips for selecting a suitable lime render or plaster.
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A Guide to Lime Rendering Cob Walls

Cob wall made of earth
Find out more about lime rendering cob walls, including best practices, preparation, material selection & applying the bonding, scratch & float coat.
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Beeck Maxil Pro Application Guide

Beeck Maxil Pro internal paint
Learn how to apply Beeck Maxil Pro with our step-by-step guide covering background preparation, primer, basecoat and topcoat.
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Renosil System Application Guide

Beeck Renosil external paint
Learn how to apply Beeck Renosil in a 2-stage or 4-stage system, plus tips and insights for a long-lasting exterior finish.
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Beeckosil System Application Guide

Portloe Chapel painted with Beeck Mineral Paint
Learn the 4-stage system, best practices, and tips for applying the Beeckosil System effectively for a long-lasting exterior finish.
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Lime Mortars for Pointing & How To Repoint

Lime mortar prepared for pointing
Learn how to successfully point stone masonry and brickwork, including choosing a suitable lime mortar, application, aftercare and what to avoid.
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How to Apply a Three Coat Lime Render

Three coat lime render on Furzeleigh Farm
Find out how to apply a three coat lime render, including preparation, choosing a mortar, scoring or scratching & guidance on how to avoid issues.
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Adding Hair or Fibres to Lime Mortar

Polypropylene fibres for lime mortar
Learn how and why to add hair or fibres to a lime mortar or render for additional reinforcement and improved tensile strength.
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Curing Lime Renders & Mortars

Hessian sheeting around a building used to protect a lime render
Find out more about curing lime renders & mortars, including why curing & protection is important & how to avoid common issues which can arise.
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Technical Advice Note for Bag Rub Finish

Bag rub on a traditional property
Discover the ins and outs of bag rubbing, including preparation, application, and aftercare, to master this simple technique.
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Limewash Application Guide: How to Successfully Apply Limewash

Orange limewash on a traditional building
Getting started with limewash? Find out how to successfully plan for, prepare and apply this remarkably breathable coating.
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