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The Plasterer

Hawks, wire brushes and floats

  1. Faithfull Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Scratch Brush

    This heavy-duty brush is aimed at the professional user and is capable of extended use in difficult environments

    Incl. VAT: £7.97
  2. TROWEL & SQUARE 25 MM Sq Plasterers Small Tool

    Plasterers Small Tools made in Sheffield from high quality carbon steel.

    Incl. VAT: £19.12
  3. RST Small Tool Trowel And Square 1/2"

    Carbon steel blade with trowel and square 1/2"

    Incl. VAT: £7.91
  4. Modelling Tool, oval and wide palette ends

    Modellers Tool, Oval and wide palette ends. Slight upturn on each with a flexibility ideal for smoothing and filling.oval with slight upturn and slanted palette ends.

    Incl. VAT: £9.82
  5. Taylertool Poly Float Large 345mm x 145mm

    Taylertool poly float made from lightweight polyurethane that will not warp 345mm x 145mm

    Incl. VAT: £7.70
  6. Churn Brush D1BM - Bahia/Polyester Mixture

    Stiff churn brush - excellent for lime pointing. This is our best selling churn brush, a "must" for lime work

    Incl. VAT: £8.82
  7. Draper Polyurethane Hawk 248mm sq

    Lightweight hawk manufactured from rigid polyurethane foam with plastic handle.

    Incl. VAT: £12.17


    Incl. VAT: £6.59
  9. Draper 3 Row Wire scratch brushes

    Draper 28449 Medium-duty 2 row wire scratch brush

    Incl. VAT: £1.19
  10. Modelling Tool with splayed and screwdriver shaped ends

    Modellers Tool with sturdy splayed and screwdriver shaped ends for filling and smoothing as well as numerous other applications.

    These High-Quality Sheffield made tools are manufactured from carbon steel, hardened and tempered by craftsmen using the same traditional methods that have made Sheffield Steel famous throughout the world.

    Incl. VAT: £9.19
  11. Taylertool Poly Hawk 330mm x 330mm

    Poly Hawk for rendering and plastering

    Incl. VAT: £14.82
  12. Modelling Tool, shaped ends with finely serrated edges.

    Modelling Tool, shaped ends with finely serrated edges.

    Incl. VAT: £10.87
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