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The Mason

A range of tools used by builders inc Trowels, Hammers, Chisels and many others

  1. RST Small Tool Trowel And Square 5/8"

    Carbon steel blade with trowel and square 5/8"

    Incl. VAT: £7.91
  2. Draper Plugging Chisel 225mm

    Fluted angled blade chisel designed to remove mortar between bricks. Octagonal shank with ground cutting edge.

    Incl. VAT: £5.40
  3. Ragni Harling Trowel 165mm x 165mm

    Harling Trowel for casting on base coat renders

    Incl. VAT: £16.31
  4. Curved & Spear Shaped ends Modelling Tool

    Curved and spear shaped ends with course teeth for cutting and removal of materials, ideal for uneven textures.

    These High-Quality Sheffield made tools are manufactured from carbon steel, hardened and tempered by craftsmen using the same traditional methods that have made Sheffield Steel famous throughout the world.

    Incl. VAT: £11.18
  5. CO.ME 129 Gauging Trowel

    A round nosed trowel used for pointing and mixing mortar

    Price From: £6.51
    Incl. VAT: £7.81
  6. Marshalltown Pointing Trowel 45 6 "

    M456 Pointing trowel (Philadelphia pattern) 6" MT45-6

    Incl. VAT: £11.71
  7. Modelling Tool, rounded on one end and flat on the reverse side

    Modelling Tool, rounded on one end and flat on the reverse side

    Incl. VAT: £10.85
  8. CO.ME 138P Square Edge Brick Jointers

    CO.ME 138P Square Edge Brick Jointers available in various widths

    Price From: £4.93
    Incl. VAT: £5.92
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