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Stone Dusts and Pozzolans

Pozzolans and other additions for mortars, renders & plasters

Pozzolans are commonly used additives in Lime Mortars to provide a hydraulic (chemical) set, there are many types and they are generally used according to their Pozzolanic index.   Unless you are familiar with their particular function or use we would advise that you contact us for further information on their suitability. While PFA (pulverised fuel ash), brick dust, and Argical can all be used as an addition to lime mortar their physical properties will vary considerably.

Our range of stone dusts and other minerals is extensive and can be obtained from us as stock items in varying size classiifications as we screen and sort in house, offering our customers a wider, more defined choice of options for mortar matching and shelter coats Etc. 

  1. Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) 20kg

    Low Sulphur Pulverised Fuel Ash, PFA, is a very fine dark grey powder which acts as a pozzolan but additionally darkens the colour of a mortar. Please talk to us regarding addition rates as it varies by application. PFA is sold in 20kg Bags.

    Incl. VAT: £9.52
  2. Trass

    Trass is a natural pozzolan that has seen widespread use throughout northern Europe for hundreds of years, creamy beige in colour it’s a well-known Pozzolan derived from volcanic tuffs sourced from the Rhine Valley in Germany. Similar to the volcanic pumices and tuffs from Pozzuoli, the material established by the Romans. Due to it's weight, Trass cannot be shipped via a parcel carrier such as APC. Please do not select this option at checkout.

    Incl. VAT: £14.70
  3. Argical M1000

    Off white Metakaolin, a moderate pozzolan, best suited to retain the features of colour sensitive mortars. Please contact us regarding addition rates as it varies by application. Available in a 25kg bag.

    Incl. VAT: £27.22
  4. Blue Slate Dust Cut #1 (0 to 1mm)

    A high quality blue slate stone dust, 0 to 1mm, typically used for sheltercoats.

    Incl. VAT: £9.78
  5. Brick Dust - Red 20kg bag

    Red crushed brick dust, typically seen as a very weak pozzolan. Brick Dust is also used as a colourant for mortars as well as a porous aggregate.

    Incl. VAT: £10.00
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