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Lime Paint and Lime Wash

St. Astier Breathable Paints and Cornish Lime limewash

Comprising of a range of St Astier Lime Paint, Buxton Limewash and our own Cornish Lime Limewash. Limewash has been used for centuries to provide breathability, protection and colour to interiors. Lime Paint and Limewashes are not flat and dull, they reflect the changing light through the seasons and the conditions through wet and dry periods.

The St Astier is a modern approach to lime paint, it contains the addition of a small amount of acrylic, which has no impact on the breathability of the finish, but does allow for more durability when compared to a traditional limewash and enables for the application on to numerous substrates such as gypsum and lining paper as well as lime render.

Available in 24 colours, St Astier Lime Paint comes as a powder to which water is added to create 5 litres of paint.

Limewash is one of the earliest known paints to man and has been used for centuries.

Both the Buxton and Cornish Lime Limewash are available in white and their own unique colour ranges.

  1. White Peak Buxton Limewash

    The finest lime wash on the market today. Ultra-fine particles of calcium hydroxide give a colloidal suspension.

    Price From: £12.30
    Incl. VAT: £14.76
  2. Cornish Lime Unadulterated Limewash

    This is our own traditional lime wash made from our own finest mature lime putty. Available as White or Coloured in 10 or 20 litres. Collection only.

    Price From: £10.02
    Incl. VAT: £12.02
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