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Natural Hydraulic Lime, Lime Putty, Lime Mortars and Lime Paints

High quality Lime Products for the care and repair of old buildings

While we won’t claim that lime solves all issues when it comes to the care and repair of older buildings, we still passionately believe that it is indisputably the best material we have at our disposal to manage the phenomenon of moisture in solid wall construction, and for the appropriate care and repair of our built heritage.

Lime’s greatest benefit is it allows buildings to breathe, allowing moisture to escape from walls to solve and avoid problems with dampness and decay the easy and sympathetic way. Lime has been used for building for as long as man has been building structures, and these traditional building materials preserve the building fabric and are the most environmentally sound binder.

Equally, lime produces wonderful soft looking textures, weathers gracefully and can add striking colour and beauty to buildings.

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