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Mature Lime Putty

Quick Overview

High calcium lime putty, guaranteed to have been matured for a minimum of four months. Available in 25kg or 1 Tonne, our putty will not be beaten on quality.
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Price From: £9.85
Incl. VAT: £11.82


Properties and Benefits:

Cornish Lime have been manufacturing Lime Putty since 1994 and takes great pride in the quality having earnt a reputation within the industry as one of the leading manufacturers in the UK. Our Lime Putty is made using high calcium quicklime from Buxton Derbyshire in the traditional method of storing in pits after slaking (added to water). Our putty is matured for a guaranteed minimum period of four months and will have an approximate bulk density (RBD) of 1350kg/m3. It is important when ordering lime based materials to know the density of the lime putty, putty with a lower density will have a higher water content with less available lime. Therefore, additional lime could need to be added into the mortar.

Lime Putty in mortar, render and plaster: traditionally, the main use for Lime putty would have been in renders and plasters having been allowed to mature for a period of several months, or sufficient time to allow all the quicklime in the form of calcium oxide to fully convert to calcium hydroxide. Whereas traditional building mortars were made from quicklime and sand mixed together in a process we today call “Hot Mixed Lime” this was a simpler process which yielded a lime rich mix ideal for most aspects of masonry, and we believe that if the mason’s or bricklayers were to have taken the putty it would have highly likely resulted in distress of some form at the site?

However, Lime Putty today is used for all aspects of construction, some clearly not appropriate for this material as it’s virtue can sometimes be its downfall as there is no doubt that it produces the most vapour permeable of lime mortars. Cornish Lime as one of the largest producers of Lime Putty in the UK recognise these issues and remain at our customer’s disposal to assist in the selection of the most appropriate materials for your project.


  • Lime Putty yields The best lime plaster bar none.
  • Very easy to use (sticky) mortars, renders and plasters.
  • Very vapour open (breathable) mortars.
  • Cornish Lime Quality 4 Months + mature


  • Can be more demanding in terms of its aftercare.
  • will not work in damp or wet environments.No chemical set, carbonation only,
  • Limited use during the colder months - only use outside when the Swallows are home.

We won't supply ready mixed haired mortars/renders as lime is a highly alkaline product and research has proven that this can very quickly degrade the hair, we only advocate the addition of hair immediately prior to the material being applied.

Area of Use: Building Mortars Renders and Plasters

Used in Conjunction with: Sands, Lath, Hair, Fibres & Mesh

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