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Renosil - Silicate Based Paint for Exterior Renovation

Economic, highly UV-resistant silicate based renovation paint to mineralise the surface of synthetic resin treated facades.

Ranges of Application:

Water thinnable, open-pored silicate system with excellent adhesion qualities. For universal use when renovating synthetic resin bound facade surfaces such as firmly adhering, microporous old dispersion paint coatings, artificial resin plasters or heat insulation compound systems. Renovation with BEECK RENOSIL is cost effective while creating cloth-mat mineral and water vapor permeable surfaces. Highly UV-resistant thanks to the use of inorganic pigments only.


Thoroughly stir up BEECK RENOSIL before use. For base coats thin with up to 10 % water. Finishing coat no sooner than 12 hours later, thinned with little water (max. 5 %) to ease brushability. Apply crosswise, sparingly, evenly and lap-free with brush, roller or spray gun. Treat adjacent surfaces all at once. Avoid drying of edges. Minimum temperature: +5oC air and surface during processing and drying.Do not apply to heated surfaces and avoid bright sunlight. Pretreat surfaces with fine cracks and structural flaws with BEECK QUARTZ FILLER, see Surface and Pretreatment.

Technical Features

Unlike purely organically bound coatings such as synthetic dispersion and silicone resin emulsion paints BEECK RENOSIL contains silicification-active potash waterglass as the main binder. Through silicification – the chemical reaction between surface, filler and potash waterglass – a particularly well adhering, open-pored coating is produced. It has a positive impact on the facade’s moisture content and clearly reduces the tendency to pick up dirt. Biocidal properties reduce the risk of algae, lichen, and moss growth. The surface effect is cloth-mat and mineral. Purely inorganic pigmenting also provides perfect colour stability when it comes to coloured paints.

Water absorption and water-vapor diffusion characteristics

W24-value < 0.12 kg/(m2h1/2)
sd-value (H2O) approx. 0.14 m

Physical/Technical Characteristics:

Density approx. 1.4 g/cm3
PH value 11
Dynam. viscosity approx. 4,000 mPas

Colour Tones:
Available in 300 mineral colours according to BEECK COLORSIL and BEECK ANTIQUE Colour Charts.
Base colours: white, white antique. May be toned to pastel intensity using BEECK FULL COLOR SILICATE PAINTS.

Safe to recoat no sooner than after 12 hours. Protect fresh coatings from rain, e.g. using scaffold tarpaulin.

On smooth, normally absorbent surfaces: approx. 0.12 to 0.15 l per coat and m2.

Available Sizes:
12.5 l.

Clean appliances, tools and clothes with water immediately after use.

Lasts at least 12 months when stored cool and free of frost.


Ready-to-use silicate base system pigmented with lightfast mineral pigments. Apart from potash waterglass, recovered from water, quartz sand and potash, organic aids and binders. Water thinnable and solvent-free.

Surface and Pretreatment:

General Requirements: The surface must be clean, dry, solid, and free of efflorescing substances. To be used on porous, absorbent to water-repellent, even organically bound facades of at least partially mineral nature.

Old film forming coatings, artificial resin plasters, heat insulation compound systems:
Remove cracked or badly adhering old coatings, if possible down to the pores. Check remaining old coatings for adhesion and recoatability. Carefully clean firm coatings and plasters with good adhesion. Use BEECK FUNGICIDE (see below) against algae growth. Prime highly absorbent or crumbly surfaces with BEECK MBA FIXATIVE thinned with 2 parts water. In case of hair cracks or minor structural flaws precoat complete surface with BEECK QUARTZ FILLER.

Note when cleaning the facade: Artificial resin plaster will swell when taking up water and require more time to dry. Therefore longer waiting times between cleaning and coating will have to be considered. Take care not damage the structure of compound systems, insulation plasters, and other pressure-sensitive surfaces when cleaning.

Lime plaster (PIc), Lime based cement plaster (PII), Cement plaster (PIII), Concrete, Fibrocement:
Check new plaster for dryness and solidity. Remove sinterskin from new plasters with BEECK ETCHING FLUID. Prime highly absorbent plasters with BEECK FIXATIVE thinned with 2 parts water. Solidify superficially sanding but recoatable plasters repeatedly with 1 part FIXATIVE and 5 parts water without intermediate drying until saturated. Touch up open spaces and flaws to match style and structure. Recoat the entire surface of repaired facades with BEECK QUARTZ FILLER. Clean as-good-as-new concrete with BEECK MOLD OIL REMOVER and use BEECK CONCRETE AND STONE CLEANSER on weathered concrete. Prime fibrocement with BEECK SILANE PRIMER and BEECK BONDING COAT. Make samples

Deficient surfaces require a special treatment. Unsuitable are gypsum and clay based surfaces and non-recoatable old coatings. Inferior parts of historical buildings exposed to salt should be renovated using a renovation plaster system according to WTA1) guidelines.

1)  WTA Scientific-Technical Association for Building Maintenance and Monument Preservation, non-profit organization

Auxiliary products:

BEECK ETCHING FLUID for removal of sinterskin from new plasters and for cleaning old plasters. BEECK FUNGICIDE against algae growth. Apply freely and clean facade the following day with high pressure. To avoid the recurrence of algae growth, facades should be treated having completed the paint work. Check efficiency beforehand on a test surface weathered for a longer period of time.

BEECK SILANE PRIMER and BEECK SILANE PRIMER N, water-repellent primers to reduce moisture transport and salt efflorescence's.

BEECK QUARTZ FILLER P, fiber-reinforced powdered slurry additive for filled base and intermediate coats. Mix 1 container BEECK RENOSIL (12.5 l) with 4 kg BEECK QUARTZ FILLER P and thin with 2 to 4 kg BEECK FIXATIVE. Apply lap-free with brush.

As an alternative: BEECK QUARTZ FILLER, fiber-reinforced, slurry, silicate based base coat for covering hair cracks and minor structural flaws. Apply to complete surface with brush.

The following intermediate coat is optional: 1 container BEECK RENOSIL (12.5 litre) mixed with 1 container BEECK QUARTZ FILLER (20 kg) thinned with a maximum of 8% water to ease brushability, applied lap-free with brush. Finishing coat with BEECK RENOSIL.

Safety Instructions and Disposal

Hazard Class: not subject to identification requirements under Toxic Chemicals Ordinance/ EU Directive

BEECK RENOSIL is alkaline. Protect skin and eyes from contact. Carefully cover all surfaces not to be treated, especially glass, ceramic, and anodised surfaces. In case of contact immediately rinse with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of unauthorized persons.

Disposal of product remainders according to legal regulations.
Disposal of empty containers through resource collection points.

Waste Code: Product and Product Remainders (European Waste Code): 080199 (Coatings).

It is our objective to provide, through this technical information, advice based on our skills and practical experience. Any instructions given are non-binding and do not release the user from his or her liability to check for product suitability and application methods him/herself with regard to the surface used. Technical modifications may result from product development. Upon publication of a revised or new version, these instructions will automatically lose their validity. The details contained in the EU Safety Data Sheets in their current form dictate liability for classification in terms of the Hazardous Substances Regulation, disposal etc.

4 thoughts on “Renosil - Silicate Based Paint for Exterior Renovation”

  • Pamela Pudan

    Hello, I can't find a colour chart for your silicate exterior paints - do you have one? Many thanks, Pamela Pudan

    • Adam Brown

      Hello Pamela

      The colour card can be found on the following link -

      It can also be found by clicking on the painting and decorating section from our home page, from here you will be redirected to our decorating section and there are pdf files for our various paint colour charts. The charts are also under the individual Beeck paints, there is a tab next to the description which has the product data sheets and the colour chart is also there too.

      Kind Regards


  • Gary Redman

    Hi Guys. I have today placed an order with you for 3 x 12.5 litres of Renosil Fine in White. Having spoken to the customer they have changed their mind on colour and require something closer to Magnolia which i believe would be Code C-205 III? Could you please change my order to this colour if you agree with me its as close to Magnolia as can be. Many Thanks. Gary

    • Justine Stephens
      Justine Stephens April 3, 2019 at 10:27 am

      Hi Gary, I believe this has all been resolved for you- your delivery should be with you today. Many thanks for your order.


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