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Winter is coming

And for those jobs that just won’t wait – Cornerstone Wintermix, frost resistant within 10 days.

A fully natural, conservation friendly render, Cornerstone Wintermix performs just like any other NHL render but with an early strength gain to improve frost resistance without compromising its NHL3.5 designation.

While it won’t eliminate the risk of frost damage completely – or even make the tea – Cornerstone Wintermix has been designed to reduce the uncertainties of winter work, with an accelerated rapid early strength gain meaning you only have to avoid frost for the first 10 days.

Frost can cause any water within a render to freeze to form ice crystals, which can cause blow-outs in an uncured render and destroy both its mechanical and chemical strength. With their slow cure conventional lime renders take several weeks to cure sufficiently to resist such damage, which is why lime work at this time of the year is so notoriously difficult.

To help limit the risk of frost damage, Cornerstone Wintermix has been designed to both limit the size of any ice crystals that may form and rapidly develop enough strength to resist damage from those crystals.

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