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A low carbon alternative plaster and render with high performance insulation properties

Hempsulate is a product manufactured by Cornish Lime, made from hemp, lime and recycled minerals. Hempsulate is a low carbon alternative to gypsum based plasters and renders. It offers numerous benefits to a building and its users and has particularly good thermal qualities - hence its name. Being breathable it makes for an ideal material to promote a healthy indoor environment or counter the effects of "sick building syndrome".

Hempsulate comes ready to apply, is easy to use and sets faster than traditional limes. Owing to its low density it has a greater coverage rate than a normal sand/lime mix making it highly economical to the end user. It is a perfect material for renovation work or as a practical, healthy alternative in new build and hemp has long been known to have good thermal properties.


Hempsulate plaster can be used for backing coats and finish coats. The insulating plaster has a rough texture and is designed for use as a backing coat. The skim plaster has a very smooth finish.

Shelf Life

Hempsulate plaster will remain workable as long as it is in airtight bags, however, we recommend using it within 6 months of purchase.


1000kg of Hempsulate will cover 38.2m2 at a depth of 20mm, 25.6m2 at a depth of 30mm and 19.2m2 at a depth of 40mm.

Working Characteristics

Hempsulate plaster is supplied ready to use, however, some plasterers may prefer a slightly wetter consistency. A small amount of water can be added but care should be taken not to over-wet the plaster as this can have an adverse effect on drying time, shrinkage and strength.

Drying Time

The drying time will depend upon the conditions in which it is used and the moisture content and porosity of the background it is applied to. Hempsulate will dry quicker than sand/lime putty plasters. The table below is meant as a guide only:

Hempsulate Drying time 10oC to 15oC 20oC to 25oC
Cob 12 to 36 hours 6 to 12 hours
Brick 24 to 48 hours 12 to 24 hours
Lath 48 to 120 hours 36 to 96 hours

Fire Resistance

Tests carried out on other hemp/lime materials show that the hemp/lime will not sustain a fire. We are awaiting the testing of our own material.

We have received very positive feedback since introducing this product. Our sales have increased year upon year and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss Hempsulate with you and whether it is suitable for your project. Hempsulate is available within a few days of ordering.

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