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Water spots on my internal wall

Hi, we had our bedroom re-plastered last year using lime, we have used Earthborn paint on it. In the last month or so I have noticed that we have water marks in certain places on the walls. Not damp as such but some of the marks are where we used to have damp patches before we got rid of the original plaster/wallpaper. It looks like I have gone around with a spray mist and sprayed the wall! Have had dehumidifier on for a few days but not a lot of water collected so don't think it's a high moisture content in the room - I do have vents on the windows too. What could be the cause and will they dry up when it's warmer weather again ?

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Jane

    Without seeing the wall it is very difficult to comment and it could be a number of things that are causing this, are you able to send us any pictures of the affected areas?

    It may well be residual moisture that has built up in the wall and this is coming through, it could well dry back over time and not be an issue. I would also recommend checking the roof covering and any rainwater goods to see if these are in good condition, it could be excess water entering the wall.


    Adam Brown


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