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Using beeswax glaze over a claypaint?

Could i overpaint a clay paint with the Aglaia Beeswax Glaze? - or should it only go over one of their own plaster products?
Also could you describe using the Aglaia glaze please, as the data sheet isn't very expansive.
Thank you!

One thought on “Using beeswax glaze over a claypaint?”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Caroline

    The Aglaia Glaze is designed to give a textured effect to paint. When used in conjunction with the Aglaia paints it can create a scattered effect, where light reflects from the wall, changing colours throughout the season as the natural light changes. The effect will be different on every application depending on how you want the outcome. It also protects the paint by making the surface washable.

    I have never tested the two separate products together and wouldn't like to say how they would react. We know that it works very well with the Aglaia paints as they have the same natural ingredients.


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