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slaking quicklime

I have been slaked my own lime several times, usually slaking 1/4-1t quicklime at a time. I've always used calbux 90, a 90micron fine powder also from Buxton. The result is very good putty and the process is.... hot and dusty. I cover up completely, then crawl out of sweaty dusty mask and overalls at the end. I think the pebble would remove the dust, (which gets carried by rising steam) and much of the hazard from the process...? I imagine though a slower reaction, how long do the pebbles take to break down and react? I think most of the reaction is over in a minute with the powder. Any comparative experience? Thank you very much

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Simon

    Apologies for the delay in response (some teething trouble with my site access).

    From our testing with hot mixed mortars we have found that the pebbled quicklime poses less risks in terms of 'pluming' of the binder. Due to its greater density and surface area the pebble is not as easily thrown into the air, compared with the powdered quicklime. The one thing to watch out for with the pebble is the isolated hot spots. During mixing the reaction temperature overall will not reach above 100C, however the actual pebbles themselves can go beyond this temperature.

    In terms of the breakdown that will partly depend on your water addition rate, so it is difficult to say. The process is slower with the pebble and you can have a delayed reaction when compared to the powder. For our lime putty production our processing procedure is quite advanced and is automated, so all of the timings are controlled.


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