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Sandtex paint on Cobble, Flint and Brick Walls


We have a 200 year old cottage with cobble and brick walls and the rear has been painted with Sandtex to cover alterations and poorly done repairs.

One wall had previously been lime washed and the Sandtex is well bonded but it is flaky in places particularly on the brick pillars.

A second wall has Sandtex painted over the original cobbles (and mud!).

It has been recommended to us to paint the walls with silicate masonry paint, as it is breathable, to help prevent damp.

We contacted Earthborn who advised that the silicate masonry paint would not adhere to modern paint finishes and would need to be removed, they recommended a product called 'Peel away 7'.

We have spent a couple of days using a hot air stripper, scraping and a sample of Peel Away 7 with limited success.

The Sandtex came off the lime mortar on the wall that was not limewashed but adhered strongly to the flint cobbles. Peel Away 7 has softened the paint but it is not lifting off in strips as claimed.

We recognise that we may have to accept a compromise but as a last resort we are considering repainting with Sandtex :-(

We would welcome advice on the best way forward.

One thought on “Sandtex paint on Cobble, Flint and Brick Walls”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Helen

    We would always advise that the paint is removed, however this is not always entirely possible and in some cases it can prove impossible.

    If you were to continue with the paint stripping route we do have a range of paint strippers that will likely work better than those you have attempted -

    Stripping paint can be extremely labour intensive and for this reason Beeck produce a mineral silicate paint that can chemically bond to both bare mineral and existing painted surfaces - Beeck Renosil. With any paint, it is only as good as the surface that it is applied too, so for this reason we advise removing any paint that is loose/flaking and advise to concentrate removing any paint that is present on the mortar joints, as this is where the majority of the moisture movement will occur.

    Every application is unique and if you would like to give me a call on 01208 79779 I can discuss the materials and application in more detail. I have also sent via email the relevant technical and application information for the Rensoil system.

    Kind Regards

    Adam Brown.


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