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Retaining Breathability of Timber

I am planning to clad a bathroom ceiling with untreated timber cladding, covering breathable wood-waste insulation in the roofspace, and wish to retain breathability of the timber. What would be the best products to prime and finish the timber cladding, while retaining maximum breathability? White or off-white in colour. Many thanks.

One thought on “Retaining Breathability of Timber”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Martin

    I have to admit that timber is not an area we deal with on a daily basis. That said we do stock a range of Beeck Stand Oil Lacquers that are breathable and can be used to treat timber. The system usually involves a primer, undercoat and then 2 coats of Stand Oil, which is available in both white and off white.

    If you are aiming to maintain maximum breathability you will likley need to leave some room for expansion of the timber, as timber is hygroscopic it will absorb and release moisture and being in a bathroom this will likely be high during times of use and low when not in use.

    If you have any questions or need further information on the Beeck systems please contact us.

    Kind Regards



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