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Repainting over lime wash

Dear forum
I hope this is a straightforward one .. I have a lime washed paint ( about 10 years old ) over my internal lime plastered walls all in Good condition
I just want to repaint with Earthborn paint for a different look . Do I need to wet the walls first or do a mist coat or can I just apply two coats of Earthborn clay paint on top of the lime wash?
All the advice I find online relates to newly plastered walls.

One thought on “Repainting over lime wash”

  • Adam Brown

    Hi Kate

    As long as the lime wash is clean, dry and stable it should be fine to paint directly over the top. However, for the best results i would personally look to try and remove the existing lime wash and go back to the lime plaster. As the paint is only as good as the surface it goes onto you are relying on the lime wash to hold, although if the lime wash appears sound it would be ok to paint over.

    I would apply the first coat thinned with some water as to the manufacturers instructions, to help deal with the possible high suction and then a further coat applied neat. This should be sufficient, but if the background is overly porous you may need a third coat over this.

    Kind Regards



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