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Re-painting lime rendered external wall

We have a lime rendered external wall done about 3 years ago. We painted it using your products and advice. A section of the wall gets splashed by passing traffic and so is dirty and needs reprinting. Before we do this do we need to clean the wall to remove the dirt which seems a bit oily? What products should we use to not compromise the lime tender or breathability?

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  • Adam Brown

    Hi Ursula

    It will depend on which paint has been used, for example if you attempt to clean back lime wash it may remove or partially remove the coating, whereas if you have used the mineral paint the finish may be unaffected.

    In terms of cleaning product we would recommend using hydrogen peroxide at 12% dilution, this can be painted or sprayed onto the wall and then hosed off after 20 minutes. If you are unable to get any hydrogen peroxide, a standard fungicide would be fine, you may find that it may need a few applications depending on how well ingrained the dirt has become. Neither of these options should impact the render if done carefully, we would advise that any heavy cleaning methods (i.e. pressure washing) is avoided as this can cause damage. If the cleaning agents don't remove the dirt and something heavier is required we would advise a steam cleaner as this is less aggressive than high pressure.

    Any questions please contact us.


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